Last month, the Fraser Institute released its annual report Economic freedom of the world report. As usual, he showed that “economic freedom” is positively correlated with many good things and negatively correlated with many bad. Defenders of capitalism love the Fraser Institute. Libertarian philosopher Jason Brennan, for example, made extensiveRead More →

Babasaheb Ambedkar wished to uplift the castes of the untouchables from the depressing social situation subjugated to promote them as equal seekers of social rights and political power. Ambedkarite policy was based on the realization that social elites lack ethical convictions regarding the emancipation of socially marginalized communities. Post-Ambedkar DalitRead More →

The group of socialist MEPs called for a fundamental reform of global tax rules if the world is to finance its adaptation to the climate crisis and the devastating effects of capitalism. S&D chairman Iratxe Garcia Perez presented “The Great Shift” report, a document touted as providing “game-changing policy proposalsRead More →

Now, Piketty has collected several dozen of these columns in an anthology (here translated by Kristin Couper), starting with an original 26-page essay boldly titled “Long Live Socialism!” After his in-depth exploration of deepening inequalities, Piketty concluded that the redistributive policies of social capitalism – slightly progressive taxes and socialRead More →

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on City Observatory and is republished with permission. Florida Senator Marco Rubio has denounced President Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion spending program as anti-American socialism. Rubio says: Ultimately Americans will reject socialism because it fundamentally goes against our way of life. This is not correct,Read More →

Famine spread to the West following the crisis of 1929. All institutions were threatened. They only survived thanks to World War II. Already in the 18th century, British economists of nascent capitalism wondered about the sustainability of this system around David Ricardo. What was initially very profitable will eventually becomeRead More →

The U.S. Postal Service recently launched a postal banking pilot program that allows customers to cash paychecks and business checks up to $ 500 in four cities: Washington, Baltimore, the Bronx and Falls Church, Va. . This modest pilot project is the foundation for envisioned more extensive postal banking servicesRead More →

KUALA LUMPUR (October 13): The National Recovery Council (MPN), as joint administrator of the agencies under the Ministry of Finance and the Economic Stimulation Implementation and Coordination Unit between national agencies ( LAKSANA), will take appropriate measures to strengthen the resilience of the post-Covid-19 health and economic systems. MPN ChairmanRead More →

10,000 John Deere employees are on strike A tentative agreement between the company and their union, United Auto Workforce, was rejected by the workers. At midnight Wednesday evening, more than 10,000 workers at John Deere farm equipment company went on strike, triggering one of the largest work stoppages in recentRead More →

When the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce brought Ben Shapiro and Ana Kasparian together on a debate stage, they created a night of political magic. Kasparian the vocal leader and progressive media star, daily host of the popular The Young Turks network faces off against Shapiro, the bright young star ofRead More →

Studying socialism Ohio Wesleyan English Teacher to Discuss Karl Marx’s “English Utopia” on October 27 By Ohio Wesleyan University DELAWARE, Ohio – Mark Allison, Ph.D., professor at Ohio Wesleyan University, will discuss “Karl Marx’s English Utopia” when he presents the Benjamin T. Spencer 2021-2022 Lecture sponsored by the English DepartmentRead More →

Interview by Rune Møller Stahl Andreas Møller Mulvad Norwegian elections last month resulted in a landslide to the left, including a parliamentary breakthrough for the Socialist Red Party (Rødt). There are now social democratic governments in all five Nordic countries, with formations growing to their left that resist the subsequentRead More →

10,000 John Deere employees are on strike A tentative agreement between the company and their union, United Auto Workforce, was rejected by the workers. At midnight Wednesday evening, more than 10,000 workers at John Deere farm equipment company went on strike, triggering one of the largest work stoppages in recentRead More →

The German sociologist Werner Sombart posed a question over a century ago that has occupied social scientists ever since: why there was no American socialism. American sociologist Seymour Martin Lipset answered Sombart’s question with his theory of American “exceptionalism,” which suggested that a series of factors – the anti-state natureRead More →

Online video shows students at a prestigious American university near the nation’s capital touting the benefits of socialism and support the abolition of private property rights. “I am [a] socialist, “a Georgetown University student said in a video job through campus reform. “It’s sort of the only way to getRead More →

Earlier in the pandemic, West Coast states led the way in providing financial assistance to marginalized populations excluded from federal stimulus and relief plans. In Washington, Governor Jay Inslee Made $ 40 Million helping undocumented families. Oregon has implemented the Oregon Workers Relief Fund to alleviate the financial burden ofRead More →

This is an article by World Review: The State of Democracy, a special section that examines politics and world affairs, and is published in conjunction with the annual Athens Forum on Democracy. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the gap between the haves and have-nots and questioned capitalism: this is theRead More →

Link to this page: From The Socialist, October 6, 2021 “Here is your opinion on plants” by Michael Pollan – posted by Allen Lane Commented by Dave Carr Is the C8H10N4O2 molecule – that’s caffeine for you and me – responsible for the slave trade, colonial wars, imperialism, increasedRead More →

Link to this page: Posted on October 5, 2021 16:37 GMT The Panama Papers revealed tax evasion abroad in 2016 (Click to enlarge) Expose it and fight for a socialist alternative Tony Saunois, IOC Secretary The explosive leak of 6.4 million documents and 1.2 million emails showing the grotesqueRead More →

Norton AntiTrack is a new app and browser extension that prevents websites from tracking and profiling users in ways that normal private browsers and VPNs can’t. The main features include: Anti-fingerprint capabilities: Hides users’ unique identifiers including their IP address, location, device and operating system, font size, screen resolution, etc.,Read More →

The smartest insights and analytics from every standpoint gathered on the web: Chinese President Xi Jinping continues to disrupt “China’s decades-long evolution towards Western-style capitalism,” Lingling Wei told The Wall Street Journal. Last week, “Chinese government measures to control house prices” and limit debt sparked a dramatic cash flow crisisRead More →

On Saturday, the Women’s March will hold nationwide “mass mobilization events” in all 50 states to protest counterrevolution against reproductive rights in Texas, Mississippi and many other Republican-controlled states . Protests will take place before the Supreme Court resumes on October 4. In this file photo from June 30, 2021,Read More →