The average overdraft fee costs consumers $35 per breach, making it an inconvenient and frustrating part of day-to-day banking for many people. But some big banks — Capital One, Bank of America, Truist, US Bank and Wells Fargo — have recently taken steps to reduce or eliminate overdraft fees forRead More →

‘ My sister studied economics but she never read Marx or Engels,” says Berkay Kartav, 24. The co-ordinator of the London Young Socialists (a branch of Britain’s Socialist Party) sips black tea at Vagabond on Holloway Road. “It just goes to show that mainstream economics, as taught in universities, doesn’tRead More →

The Gallup Poll asks Americans about their attitudes toward capitalism and socialism on a semi-regular basis. Some recent findings are reported by Jeffrey M. Jones in “Socialism, Capitalism Ratings in US Unchanged” (December 26, 2021, based on a poll conducted in October 2021). This figure shows the share of AmericansRead More →

The Civic Forum The idea of ​​the Civic Forum had been discussed in Czech dissident circles as early as the 1970s. What is surprising, however, is how much it shared the vision of some forward-thinking communists of the time. In his book “The Prague Spring: Departure to a New World”,Read More →

(MENAFN – ValueWalk) When it comes to things that may pose a risk to your finances, certain activities may immediately come to mind. Investing heavily in high-risk stock options, quitting your job without a back-up plan, or habitually making large, unnecessary purchases are all obvious actions that can certainly affectRead More →

The hideout was the largest seizure of drug money in Panama’s history – Copyright Afghan Taliban/AFP/File STR You wouldn’t think capitalism would be a lot of a topic these days, but surprisingly, it does. Existing capital structures have failed miserably in many ways over the past few decades, and theRead More →

The Chinese national flag. /APC The Chinese national flag. /APC Editor’s note: Keith Lamb graduated from Oxford University with an MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies. His main research interests are China’s international relations and “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. The article reflects the opinions of the author and not necessarily theRead More →

Published: 01/13/2022 07:01:17 Modified: 01/13/2022 07:00:10 A few years ago at a rally in my town, a feisty speaker said that our government was dipping into our pockets through taxes to steal our hard-earned money to pay for programs that are just gifts to a growing number of “undeserving”. “That’sRead More →

President-elect Gabriel Boric warned that Chile’s consumer spending boom was unsustainable and public finances were under pressure, providing a reality check in one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Growth should be driven by investment, while protecting the environment, Boric said Thursday at a trade event in Santiago. Raising governmentRead More →

Around 1853, Karl Marx had an idea to end serfdom. The idea was the revolution to form workers’ communes and to distribute the profits equitably. Everyone has become a comrade in Russia. After World War II, Russia spread state socialism in Europe and Asia. America saw a global threat. NorthRead More →

Breadcrumb Links PF comment William Watson: A substitute for “capitalism” is “flourishing”, which happens to societies when they adopt the capitalist approach Author of the article: William watson Photo by Photo Illustration by Gigi Suhanic / Financial Post Content of the article Capitalism has created more prosperity and progress forRead More →