Adam Harmsworth, Coventry Socialist Party Woke Capitalism provides a useful introduction to the well-deserved critique of corporations that co-opt and sabotage progressive movements. Author Carl Rhodes gives us many examples of companies embracing slogans, gimmicks and campaigns on social issues: Ben and Jerry’s “Pecan Resist” flavor with proceeds going toRead More →

When the Berlin Wall came down in November 1989, a cheer went up across the continent as it marked the end of communism in East Germany and Central Europe. This was followed in 1991 by the breakup of the former Soviet Union, with the Central Asian republics becoming sovereign states.Read More →

Following the breakthrough Paris climate agreement at Cop21 in 2015, American businessman Rick Saines received the National Order of Merit from France, making him a “knight” for the role he played in working with American and French officials to make of this historic summit a success. © Supplied Rick SainesRead More →

FFollowing the decisive Paris climate agreement at Cop21 in 2015, American businessman Rick Saines received the National Order of Merit from France – making him a “knight” for his role. ‘he played by working with American and French officials to make this historic summit a success. Six years later, atRead More →

COLOMBIA, SC P2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley spoke on Wednesday against Republicans willing to compromise with Democrats on the economy. Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and United Nations ambassador, has accused some conservatives of “backing up” when Democrats defend ideas that have socialist components. “The right wing needsRead More →

The group of socialist MEPs called for a fundamental reform of global tax rules if the world is to finance its adaptation to the climate crisis and the devastating effects of capitalism. S&D chairman Iratxe Garcia Perez presented “The Great Shift” report, a document touted as providing “game-changing policy proposalsRead More →

Fridays For Future, an international anti-climate change movement, called for protests around the world last week. In total, there have been 1,700 strikes and demonstrations around the world in more than 80 countries. In Germany alone, more than 620,000 people demonstrated in 470 cities. Members of the International Youth andRead More →

Link to this page: From The Socialist newspaper, September 22, 2021 Life expectancy is decreasing, and at a higher rate for the poorest (Click to enlarge) Nancy Taaffe, Socialist Party of Waltham Forest I often think when I hear that a member of the royal family has passed awayRead More →

Much of the news from Republicans in Congress was about their attacks on the Democrats’ agenda, with many false allegations of frightening “socialist” policies. We have socialism in this country, but these are not policies promoted by the Democrats. Real socialism is the well-being of business. Thousands of large U.S.Read More →

Link to this page: From The Socialist newspaper, September 15, 2021 Join the Youth Fight for Jobs protests on October 9 Alex Smith, Socialist Party of Liverpool There are massive attacks on young people on the immediate horizon. The end of the increase in universal credit, scheduled for theRead More →

Link to this page: From The Socialist newspaper, September 15, 2021 Members of the Socialist Party held a booth at the Oxford Brookes Freshers Fair on Monday, highlighting the need for a new socialist student society on campus. We made contact with around 20 students and had broad discussionsRead More →

Before industrialization, societies were stationary. Growth subsequently became the new normal. The challenge was how to integrate it into conceptual thinking. The economy was invented for this. The early thinkers, Adam Smith and David Ricardo, introduced the market, the price mechanism and the division of labor explaining economic transactions andRead More →

Link to this page: From The Socialist newspaper, August 11, 2021 Socialism 2021, photo Socialist Party In a world facing crisis on all fronts, the discussion of how socialist ideas can change the world is more necessary than ever. The Institute of Economic Affairs, a pro-capitalist think tank, recentlyRead More →

KARACHI: Even with a huge build-up of wealth and growth, the modern economic system has failed to resolve crises in health, population and individual living standards, speakers said on Thursday, as they discussed the issues. criticisms and possible solutions at the third session of the Fourth Post-Colonial Superior Conference. EducationRead More →

Klaus Schwab By Bhabani Shankar Nayak * The pandemic has shaken up neoliberalism as an economic project of capitalism. The economic architecture of neoliberalism based on austerity, liberalization, privatization and globalization has failed to ensure the basic dignity of life in terms of basic health, education, home and security food.Read More →

In his excellent article ‘Money is the oxygen on which the fire of global warming burns‘, Bill McKibben, the founder of, explains how the world’s leading financial institutions and insurance companies are still funding fossil fuel projects – on a much larger scale, low-carbon solutions. Bill suggests that shiftingRead More →

Evil fate the earth, to hasten the evils a prey, Where wealth accumulates and where men degrade. –Olivier Goldsmith. Twenty years ago, I wrote an editorial in which I described free market capitalism as “the most unjust and barbaric economic system ever conceived, and which now oppresses and mistreats mostRead More →

The planet is in trouble. Study after scientific study, we warn that we have pushed far beyond the physical limits of what our living world can handle. From increasing temperature extremes causing disastrous weather conditions – including record droughts and unprecedented fires – to oceans choked by plastic and collapsingRead More →

IIf you want to understand why we are not moving faster towards creating a more equitable society that operates within ecological limits, then it is worth understanding the importance of the vacuum. One of the main fears of our industrialized society, which we largely refuse to face, is the beliefRead More →