The headlines of the media on February 22 In today’s media, Chris Rufo thanks John Oliver for his ‘unwitting favour’ following critical monologue on race theory, Washington Post editorial board expresses support for federal list of d flight ban for passengers who disobey mask mandates, and NBC’s Beijing Olympics ratingsRead More →

The 21st century is witnessing a gradual disappearance of traditional conservatism. With the disintegration of the USSR, liberal capitalism and internationalist interventionism lost their appeal. Current conservatism, says Philipps O’Brien of the University of St Andrews, is essentially nationalist, populist, evangelical and anti-science. Reverence for leaders is also a prominentRead More →

‘ My sister studied economics but she never read Marx or Engels,” says Berkay Kartav, 24. The co-ordinator of the London Young Socialists (a branch of Britain’s Socialist Party) sips black tea at Vagabond on Holloway Road. “It just goes to show that mainstream economics, as taught in universities, doesn’tRead More →

By Jim ThompsonHCP columnist Capitalism is defined as “an economic and political system in which the commerce and industry of a country are controlled by private for-profit owners, rather than by the state”. Capitalism created the largest economy in the history of the world (ours) and lifted more people outRead More →

The concept of neoliberalism is part of capitalism that spread widely soon after the overwhelming defeat of socialism against the backdrop of the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, known as the USSR. The global political economic system has undergone some of the most significant transformations. The journey of capitalism,Read More →

My colleague Jeff Jones recently reviewed Gallup’s updated research on American public responses to the words “socialism” and “capitalism.” The new data shows little change in these attitudes from previous surveys, with 60% of Americans having a favorable view of capitalism (38% unfavorable) and 38% having a favorable image ofRead More →

In particular, the World Economic Forum (WEF) advanced the concept of stakeholder capitalism designed to make the capitalist system more viable and dynamic through greater inclusion and consideration of factors such as long-term economic goals. term and sustainability. According to Klaus Schwab, “Stakeholder capitalism is a form of capitalism inRead More →

Eearlier this year, the official international summary of climate science has announced that we are facing an increase in disasters and disruptions, with the most vulnerable suffering the most and the earlier. A leak report from the same UN process identified the need for a transformation of our economic systemsRead More →

After every socialist experiment without exception has failed over the past 100 years, it should be clear that the last thing the world needs is new. But as memories of the collapse of real-world socialism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe fade, socialist thought is experiencing a renewed renaissance.Read More →

FFollowing the decisive Paris climate agreement at Cop21 in 2015, American businessman Rick Saines received the National Order of Merit from France – making him a “knight” for his role. ‘he played by working with American and French officials to make this historic summit a success. Six years later, atRead More →

Following the breakthrough Paris climate agreement at Cop21 in 2015, American businessman Rick Saines received the National Order of Merit from France, making him a “knight” for the role he played in working with American and French officials to make of this historic summit a success. © Supplied Rick SainesRead More →

The group of socialist MEPs called for a fundamental reform of global tax rules if the world is to finance its adaptation to the climate crisis and the devastating effects of capitalism. S&D chairman Iratxe Garcia Perez presented “The Great Shift” report, a document touted as providing “game-changing policy proposalsRead More →

With the World Bank ditching ease of doing business reporting, the spotlight is on the indicators used to rank the world’s countries. They are imperfect, but they serve a purpose, as Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar argues in his article in The Economic Times.. Besides the Ease of Doing Business Index, thereRead More →

– Counter Punch / Nathaniel St Clair DEMOCRACY exists if and when a community organizes its autonomy around the full participation, on an equal footing, of all members of the community. Its other, autocracy, exists when a community organizes (or allows) its governance by an individual or a subgroup ofRead More →

Democracy exists if and when a community organizes its autonomy around the full participation, on an equal footing, of all members of the community. Its other, autocracy, exists when a community organizes (or allows) its governance by an individual or a subgroup of that community, a leader. Universal suffrage isRead More →

The social landscape of the contemporary Third World is defined by the existence of the following classes: an overexploited urban proletariat; a large peasantry; a group of owners; a petty bourgeoisie in white collar occupying administrative positions; and comprador capitalists closely aligned with multinational interests. China has tried to dissociateRead More →

Hide caption For decades, the New Deal shaped the American economic system, until one fringe political project and ideology eventually overshadowed the old system with a system that put the free market first. Previous Next Martin Bernetti / AFP via Getty Images Hide caption Friedrich von Hayek in the lateRead More →

The most anticipated HR business model (New Generation Macroeconomic System) was recently launched by WIPO in Geneva, it envisioned a supernatural incident. But never expected, that the cardinal principles of the economy are contested by Mr. Deepak Sharma (father of the economy of human resources), by any economist. Read alsoRead More →

The most awaited HR economic model (next generation macro-economic system), was launched by PMOI Geneva recently, It envisaged a supernatural incident. But never expected, that the cardinal directors of the economy are challenged by Mr. Deepak Sharma (father of HR Economics), by any economist. Subsequently various economists and journalists analyzeRead More →

In the United States and Western Europe, many people support large-scale systemic change. In four countries surveyed in November and December last year, about four in ten or more in each country describe their economic or political system as requiring at least major changes, if not comprehensive reform. But whatRead More →

KARACHI: Even with a huge build-up of wealth and growth, the modern economic system has failed to resolve crises in health, population and individual living standards, speakers said on Thursday, as they discussed the issues. criticisms and possible solutions at the third session of the Fourth Post-Colonial Superior Conference. EducationRead More →

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is a democratic country, therefore essentially endowed with a system of governance which is “of the people, by the people, for the people”. Interestingly, this democratic country has an economic system that is “from the elite, by the elite, to the elite”. This elite capture may not beRead More →

A majority of Americans prefer a free market economic system to a socialist economic system, according to a recent poll conducted jointly by The Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports. Respondents were asked, among other questions, “What is better – a free market economic system or socialism?” In which 75 percentRead More →

Klaus Schwab By Bhabani Shankar Nayak * The pandemic has shaken up neoliberalism as an economic project of capitalism. The economic architecture of neoliberalism based on austerity, liberalization, privatization and globalization has failed to ensure the basic dignity of life in terms of basic health, education, home and security food.Read More →

The likely result of the current crisis is a faster dismantling of the neoliberal economy and a fragmentation of the international economic system, writes Glenn Diesen, associate professor, University of South East Norway. Technological sovereignty is privileged, international supply chains are repatriated, transport corridors become theaters of military rivalry andRead More →

Evil fate the earth, to hasten the evils a prey, Where wealth accumulates and where men degrade. –Olivier Goldsmith. Twenty years ago, I wrote an editorial in which I described free market capitalism as “the most unjust and barbaric economic system ever conceived, and which now oppresses and mistreats mostRead More →

The planet is in trouble. Study after scientific study, we warn that we have pushed far beyond the physical limits of what our living world can handle. From increasing temperature extremes causing disastrous weather conditions – including record droughts and unprecedented fires – to oceans choked by plastic and collapsingRead More →

For the publisher: Gustavo Arellano says “it’s time to think radically” on homelessness, but it is only dealing with a symptom rather than the deep-rooted causes of growing inequality in American society, in search of a ” remedy “which prevents homeless people from the streets of the” respectable class “.Read More →

Book on socialism Michael Engel Michael Engel, 71, of Ludlow, professor emeritus of political science at Westfield State College, with his self-published book, “Socialism for Smart Folks: A Popular Guide for Open Minds”. May 27, 2015. (Brian Steele | LUDLOW – Michael Engel is a socialist despite the vitriolicRead More →

IIf you want to understand why we are not moving faster towards creating a more equitable society that operates within ecological limits, then it is worth understanding the importance of the vacuum. One of the main fears of our industrialized society, which we largely refuse to face, is the beliefRead More →