After you tie the knot, there are many things that require your attention, such as setting up joint bank accounts and making a plan for living together. Finances are a big part of married life and should be considered when creating budgets and making other plans. Discussing finances doesn’t haveRead More →

review of Suburban socialism (or barbarism) by Oly Durose (Repeater Books, 2022) There’s a line at Christopher Hill The experience of defeat, his masterful portrayal of discouraged radicals after the English Revolution, on the potential uses of political losses. According to Hill, defeat can force ideologues to confront the inadequacyRead More →

Breadcrumb Links PF Comment There are too few billionaires in Canada — or anywhere else, for that matter — to fund an expansive welfare state Pedestrians cross the intersection of Bay Street and Wellington Street West in Toronto’s Financial District. Photo by Galit Rodan/Bloomberg Files Content of the article ReadingRead More →

The average overdraft fee costs consumers $35 per breach, making it an inconvenient and frustrating part of day-to-day banking for many people. But some big banks — Capital One, Bank of America, Truist, US Bank and Wells Fargo — have recently taken steps to reduce or eliminate overdraft fees forRead More →

(MENAFN – ValueWalk) When it comes to things that may pose a risk to your finances, certain activities may immediately come to mind. Investing heavily in high-risk stock options, quitting your job without a back-up plan, or habitually making large, unnecessary purchases are all obvious actions that can certainly affectRead More →

In particular, the World Economic Forum (WEF) advanced the concept of stakeholder capitalism designed to make the capitalist system more viable and dynamic through greater inclusion and consideration of factors such as long-term economic goals. term and sustainability. According to Klaus Schwab, “Stakeholder capitalism is a form of capitalism inRead More →

Home | Le Socialiste November 17, 2021 | Join the Socialist Party Subscribe | Make a donation | audio | PDF | Ebook Best event to come together to fight for socialism Julija Rusevica, Socialist Party of South West London You may have heard a lot about the Socialism 2021Read More →

Eearlier this year, the official international summary of climate science has announced that we are facing an increase in disasters and disruptions, with the most vulnerable suffering the most and the earlier. A leak report from the same UN process identified the need for a transformation of our economic systemsRead More →

FFollowing the decisive Paris climate agreement at Cop21 in 2015, American businessman Rick Saines received the National Order of Merit from France – making him a “knight” for his role. ‘he played by working with American and French officials to make this historic summit a success. Six years later, atRead More →

Following the breakthrough Paris climate agreement at Cop21 in 2015, American businessman Rick Saines received the National Order of Merit from France, making him a “knight” for the role he played in working with American and French officials to make of this historic summit a success. © Supplied Rick SainesRead More →

Chinese Economy Updates Sign up for myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about Chinese economic news. The writer, global chief strategist of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, is the author of “The Ten Rules of Successful Nations” For much of this year, commentators have warned that falling yieldsRead More →

Mahmudur Rahman | Posted: Sept. 23, 2021, 8:16 p.m. Fifty years after independence, the furrows on the head are still visible among day laborers. Better paid than they are and having given up farming to seek an elusive better life, their angst continues. The silent abandonment of socialism, even inRead More →

Before industrialization, societies were stationary. Growth subsequently became the new normal. The challenge was how to integrate it into conceptual thinking. The economy was invented for this. The early thinkers, Adam Smith and David Ricardo, introduced the market, the price mechanism and the division of labor explaining economic transactions andRead More →

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is a democratic country, therefore essentially endowed with a system of governance which is “of the people, by the people, for the people”. Interestingly, this democratic country has an economic system that is “from the elite, by the elite, to the elite”. This elite capture may not beRead More →

Evil fate the earth, to hasten the evils a prey, Where wealth accumulates and where men degrade. –Olivier Goldsmith. Twenty years ago, I wrote an editorial in which I described free market capitalism as “the most unjust and barbaric economic system ever conceived, and which now oppresses and mistreats mostRead More →

IIf you want to understand why we are not moving faster towards creating a more equitable society that operates within ecological limits, then it is worth understanding the importance of the vacuum. One of the main fears of our industrialized society, which we largely refuse to face, is the beliefRead More →