“When it’s mandatory, everyone has access,” said Rebecca Maxcy, director of the Financial Education Initiative at the University of Chicago. Update March 18, 2022, 9:32 p.m. ET While progress between the states is encouraging, there’s still more to be done, said Nan J. Morrison, president and CEO of the CouncilRead More →

When the Berlin Wall came down in November 1989, a cheer went up across the continent as it marked the end of communism in East Germany and Central Europe. This was followed in 1991 by the breakup of the former Soviet Union, with the Central Asian republics becoming sovereign states.Read More →

Political economy professor and management expert Pat Utomi speaks during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Policy on February 6, 2022. Ahead of the 2023 general elections, a professor of political economy and management expert, Pat Utomi, said on Sunday that Nigeria needs a new political movement driven by ideasRead More →

‘ My sister studied economics but she never read Marx or Engels,” says Berkay Kartav, 24. The co-ordinator of the London Young Socialists (a branch of Britain’s Socialist Party) sips black tea at Vagabond on Holloway Road. “It just goes to show that mainstream economics, as taught in universities, doesn’tRead More →

President-elect Gabriel Boric warned that Chile’s consumer spending boom was unsustainable and public finances were under pressure, providing a reality check in one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Growth should be driven by investment, while protecting the environment, Boric said Thursday at a trade event in Santiago. Raising governmentRead More →

Home | Le Socialiste November 17, 2021 | Join the Socialist Party Subscribe | Make a donation | audio | PDF | Ebook Isai Priya, treasurer of the Socialist Party The Today program, on BBC Radio 4, examined the state of the NHS and its history. The pressure on theRead More →

Studying socialism Ohio Wesleyan English Teacher to Discuss Karl Marx’s “English Utopia” on October 27 By Ohio Wesleyan University DELAWARE, Ohio – Mark Allison, Ph.D., professor at Ohio Wesleyan University, will discuss “Karl Marx’s English Utopia” when he presents the Benjamin T. Spencer 2021-2022 Lecture sponsored by the English DepartmentRead More →

Link to this page: https://www.socialistparty.org.uk/issue/1150/33123 From The Socialist, October 6, 2021 “Here is your opinion on plants” by Michael Pollan – posted by Allen Lane Commented by Dave Carr Is the C8H10N4O2 molecule – that’s caffeine for you and me – responsible for the slave trade, colonial wars, imperialism, increasedRead More →

Joseph Kabuleta at the launch of NEED Kampala. Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta announced his new political movement, National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED), as a strategy to address economic challenges in Uganda. During the launch of NEED yesterday, September 28, 2021, Kabuleta said that the political scheme prioritizes politicians withoutRead More →

Fridays For Future, an international anti-climate change movement, called for protests around the world last week. In total, there have been 1,700 strikes and demonstrations around the world in more than 80 countries. In Germany alone, more than 620,000 people demonstrated in 470 cities. Members of the International Youth andRead More →

Link to this page: https://www.socialistparty.org.uk/issue/1148/33054 From The Socialist newspaper, September 22, 2021 Life expectancy is decreasing, and at a higher rate for the poorest (Click to enlarge) Nancy Taaffe, Socialist Party of Waltham Forest I often think when I hear that a member of the royal family has passed awayRead More →

“We are the Socialist Equality Party, Fourth International, and we stand to give the generalized opposition to the right-wing politics of all parliamentary parties a socialist voice and perspective.” With this statement, SGP Vice-President Christoph Vandreier began his party’s presentation in an election broadcast on German public television on SeptemberRead More →

“Imagine socialism” Ohio Wesleyan English Teacher’s First Book Explores Early Socialism Writings By Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio Wesleyan professor Mark A. Allison’s new book examines British socialist writing through the long 19th century – the century of socialism’s origin. (Cover image courtesy of Oxford University Press) DELAWARE, Ohio – TheRead More →

Link to this page: https://www.socialistparty.org.uk/issue/1147/33027 From The Socialist newspaper, September 15, 2021 Join the Youth Fight for Jobs protests on October 9 Alex Smith, Socialist Party of Liverpool There are massive attacks on young people on the immediate horizon. The end of the increase in universal credit, scheduled for theRead More →

Link to this page: https://www.socialistparty.org.uk/issue/1147/33013 From The Socialist newspaper, September 15, 2021 Members of the Socialist Party held a booth at the Oxford Brookes Freshers Fair on Monday, highlighting the need for a new socialist student society on campus. We made contact with around 20 students and had broad discussionsRead More →

Beijing’s recently launched “common prosperity” development model is clearly already having an impact. But do the West and its allies see it the right way? Nervous fund managers looking at their Chinese portfolios are tearing their hair out. And journalists associated with Western mainstream and corporate media such as theRead More →

Loneliness is a global crisis. According to the UK campaign to end loneliness, 45% of adults “occasionally, sometimes or often feel alone in England”. In a 2019 poll, 22% of millennials said they had “no friends.” The World Health Organization has found that loneliness affects 20-34% of older people inRead More →

This is one of the 38 winning blogs of the Blog4Dev 2021 competition, the World Bank’s annual writing competition in Africa, inviting young people to express their views on a subject essential to the economic development of their country. Blog4Dev winners answered the question: How can young people work withRead More →

Link to this page: https://www.socialistparty.org.uk/issue/1144/32890 From The Socialist newspaper, August 11, 2021 Socialism 2021, photo Socialist Party In a world facing crisis on all fronts, the discussion of how socialist ideas can change the world is more necessary than ever. The Institute of Economic Affairs, a pro-capitalist think tank, recentlyRead More →

Highlights of history Roland Martin: To say that the protesters are in tune with the Democrats is intellectual dishonesty Candidates from both political parties should make their wishes come true, says Martin Martin: The civil rights movement was not about electing candidates; this one either Editor’s Note: Roland S. MartinRead More →