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Editor’s Note: Lee Enochs is a graduate student of the Mayborn School of Journalism and a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary.

At the risk of sounding like a gadfly or contradicting popular opinion, there seem to be good reasons why one should reject socialism as a viable economic system and alternative to free market capitalism.

This author is perhaps out of touch with the current popular tendency among many young Americans to view favorably the economic system known as socialism, which the Cambridge Dictionary defines as “any economic or political system based on ownership and control by the governance of important companies and methods”. Manufacturing. »

Notwithstanding this aversion to socialist economic policy, this author is also aware that many UNT students hold more progressive political and economic views and have a more positive view of socialism, as evidenced by a poll indicating that 65% current Democrats have a more progressive political and economic outlook. favorable opinion of socialism.

This author is also well aware of the fact that the majority of young adults in the United States currently view capitalism in a negative and disjointed way.

Despite these positive polls and the current tendency among many university students to hold a favorable view of socialism, I am simply not convinced of the alleged superiority of the socialist economic system over capitalism.

Now, if the definitions of socialism and capitalism provided by the folks at Cambridge University are trustworthy – and since Cambridge’s academic reputation is unquestionable – there seems to be a good reason to take capitalism over socialism at any time.

Government ownership and control over American businesses and means of production does not seem like a good thing at all. For example, just look at the current mess President Joe Biden has placed the country in now. With inflation and gas prices spiraling out of control, do we really want Biden and the feds running corporate America?

No, the socialist notion that the federal government should own and control American businesses and the economy is a very bad idea.

American businesses and corporations should be owned by private citizens and not controlled and regulated by our bloated and corrupt federal government. The government doesn’t even know how to balance its own budget and pay off its own national debt, let alone run all the businesses and corporations in our great country.

In a recent conversation with renowned economist Dr. Walter Block, chair of economics at Loyola University in New Orleans, Block said there are “two main arguments against socialism” .

Socialism doesn’t work and “it impoverishes every economy it has ever afflicted”, according to Block. Second, he says that “socialism is a violation of rights. It is based on coercion and theft, in that the central office of the plan orders the goods stolen from the people.

This writer’s many Polish friends would agree with Dr. Block, as they endured unimaginable poverty, hardship and economic deprivation when their country was a repressive satellite regime under the Soviet Union.

Remember that totalitarian regimes like Venezuela, North Korea and China claim to be “socialist” in their economic orientation and each of these countries has atrocious human rights records where the civil liberties of their people are non-existent.

One can only guess whether the Americans who have become so sympathetic to socialism have ever actually lived in a socialist country and experienced the untold hardships which socialism inevitably causes those who are unfortunate enough to have to live in such an economic system.

If socialism is so great, why are freedom of speech and other civil liberties non-existent in countries that claim to be “socialist” in orientation?

While socialism may seem like a “cool” economic system that seems to tackle the inequalities of society, it causes more difficulties than it claims to correct. While the capitalist free enterprise system that currently runs the American economy is not perfect, it is certainly better than the socialist system that has brought such misery to so many people living under the aforementioned “socialist” regimes.

While many students may disagree with this writer’s outright rejection of socialism, it seems obvious that the government should not own America’s most important corporations and the means of production that drive the economy of the world. country.

Instead of socialism and increased government control, this author argues for the maximization of individual and economic freedom since private citizens, not government, are the best arbiters of our economic destinies.

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