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Fox cartoon “The simpsons” just wrapped up season 33 on May 22 with a heartbreaking attack on capitalism and how the middle class has been torn apart. It featured a singing janitor played by actor Hugh Jackman and a professorial cameo by socialist Robert Reich, who was once Bill Clinton’s secretary of labor.

Before we get into the details, let’s make fun of the pose they strike. Anyone associated with “The simpsons” all these years is rich. In 2015, the show’s main cast earned $300,000 per episode. Series creator Matt Groening is even richer.

It’s like Seth MacFarlane, who made perverse mint episodes “Family Man” etc on Fox and backed socialist Bernie Sanders for president. Suppose MacFarlane would move all his money to the Cayman Islands if his leftist dreams were ever to come true.

Fox Entertainment, now owned by Disney, never acted like a Murdoch bullhorn. Their cartoons repeatedly tore Fox News and conservatives apart. Few years ago, “The simpsons” compared former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway to Joseph Goebbels (which makes Trump Hitler, ha ha ha).

The last show was called “Rock of the poor.” It was touted by the site “Geek’s Lair” as “The most punk episode ‘The Simpsons’ has offered in a long time. It’s like Johnny Rotten narratively singing ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ with the ultimate lesson: there’s no future for you.” They explain this series correctly “started out as an equal opportunity offender of political sensitivities” but now “is firmly committed to progressive parody.”

Even before arriving at capitalism, they laughed at Christianity. At church, the Simpsons and their community sing a hymn: “Lord, you’re really tall / We’re miserable but devout / Your hair is really great / And did you exercise?” Lisa Simpson suggested that God was “thirsty” for praise.

Bart Simpson made fun of his father Homer in church, so Homer took him to work for a day at the nuclear plant. Just when Bart was beginning to imagine getting his father’s job when he grew up, Jackman the janitor interrupted him with some notions of musical economics.

He sang: “Your father and his buddies made it bloat / But little by little everything went to hell / Factories were closing, unemployment was skyrocketing / Here to explain it is Robert B. Reich!”

Reich gave a lecture on upbeat music: “The decline of unions, rampant corporate greed, Wall Street malfeasance and the rise of short-sighted politics have all contributed to rising economic inequality, widespread real unemployment, stagnating wages and declining standard of living for millions of Americans.

Then Jackman and Reich teamed up to say: “Tax breaks went to CEOs, never trickling down to average Joes.” We never had a tax cut? Already?

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